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LCF is a Non-Profit Organization. At LCF enriching the learning process is our fundamental goal. We aim to build stronger relationships between learners and parents. To help them achieve their potential and exceed their expectations. We believe that every learner is capable of success based on his or her own unique set of strengths.

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Flexible Scheduling

Once you buy course hours at LCF, you are given the flexibility to schedule your tutoring classes based on your availability.

One-to-One Tutoring

All our classes are one-to-one, meaning that you get the exclusive attention of our tutors during each class. You can clear all your doubts with the instructors directly and exclusively.

Experienced Instructors

All of our instructors are state certified, posses a wealth of experience and a proven track record of teaching.

Pay as You Go

You are not obligated to pay a fixed monthly fee. You pay by the hour, based on the number of coaching hours you need.


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We have designed our own video conferencing solution, to provide a seamless interaction between the instructors and the students. Once you have scheduled your lessons, you can start the sessions with the click of a button.


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LCF is dedicated to building a better learning support model and have assembled a comprehensive resource base to help students succeed. LCF offers an innovative approach to tutoring by focusing on the primary ages. We tutor students in grades K-6 in all academic subjects, homework assistance as well as test prep and study skills.

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Tutors and Class offerings


LCF offers tutoring in all subject areas (Math, ELA, Grammar, Writing, Science and Social Studies) from kindergarten through 6th grade. We will offer Mentoring from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

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Give a helping hand! Your generous contributions will help us educate students who do not have access to educational services. For more information about your donations click Learn More.


An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest! -Benjamin Franklin

LCF Founders


Mr. Papes

Philosophy of Education

I am a firm believer that teaching and learning are the fundamental basis for a life of purpose but that often times it has been out of reach for the children that require individualized instruction, security, and equality while developing life skills. LCF seeks to provide the aforementioned students with quality teaching that strengthens a child's cognitive abilities during the formative years in order to contribute on an equitable basis. Our mission has always been to make learning support inclusive of all student populations and not the exclusive domain of those that can afford it.


Dr. Rivas

Philosophy of Education

I believe that the current state of education has a few flaws that hinder the equity of reliable learning services to disadvantaged communities. As such, it is my belief that in order for these communities to achieve their full potential the learning support approach must be provided in a more contemporary way. LCF is built on the premise that educational support services should be effective, reasonable and accessible to all students and parents that do not have the means to the traditional tutoring model. We are founded on this idea of equitable access and it drives the decisions we make.


Hourly Pricing Plans


We create individual learning plans based on measurable goals, and we keep the lines of communication open with teachers, tutors, and parents so that everyone can work together to help our students succeed. Our pricing plans start at $25/hour.


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With our state-of-the-art scheduling system, you can schedule your classes in a matter of few clicks based on your and our instructor's availability.


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